Corgi and Friends
Photo Diary with my three year old rescue corgi Lady Lovelace (Ada) named after the English mathematician Augusta Ada Byron.

About me :

Dogs are my passion and I want to devote my life to rescue and volunteering. I'am looking into enrolling in Karen Pryor academy to be come a certified dog Trainer. Maybe one day become a behaviorist. My ultimate dream would be to work at a Doggy Daycare and rehabilitating shelter dogs. I'am also a self-taught pet photographer and artist focusing on Agility trials and other dog sporting events.

We look forward to growing our little dog pack some day but for now we are focusing on helping Ada be the best dog she can be and is being spoiled with all our love and attention. :3

Renting a Canon 70-200mm IS USM mark II lens. I don’t know if i want to give it back! :D It is so amazing.

The squirrels won’t find me hiding here. 🐭
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Bath time for Ada! When ever its rainy and wet outside, little miss low rider picks up all the mud in town. Bottom picture is her about 5 minutes into a nice, warm, belly up with the blow dryer. Shes always nervous at first but it doesn’t take her long to enjoy it. (hot dogs help too! :D)

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Yay finally some nice weather!

Those eyes get me everytime. :3

Can still make the yucky brown of early spring looks some one pretty with an adorable corgi in it. :3

I think there is a green dragon monster on his head eatin his brains!!! :O

Ada’s head shot practicing in manual mode :)

I got my eyes on you rascally squirrels!

Corgi head tilts are irresistible!

Let sleeping corgis lie :3

Favorite toy and cost me nothing. :3

My doggie in the window is not for sale :) Waiting for dad to come home.