Corgi and Friends
Photo Diary with my three year old rescue corgi Lady Lovelace (Ada) named after the English mathematician Augusta Ada Byron.

About me :

Dogs are my passion and I want to devote my life to rescue and volunteering. I'am looking into enrolling in Karen Pryor academy to be come a certified dog Trainer. Maybe one day become a behaviorist. My ultimate dream would be to work at a Doggy Daycare and rehabilitating shelter dogs. I'am also a self-taught pet photographer and artist focusing on Agility trials and other dog sporting events.

We look forward to growing our little dog pack some day but for now we are focusing on helping Ada be the best dog she can be and is being spoiled with all our love and attention. :3

Loot from Japan thanks to my boyfriends amazing mother when she went to visit family. She brought us back yummy snacks and Strawberry Kit Kats! Also said she saw corgis everywhere while she was there. I guess that breed is very popular in Japan they even have a magazine just for them. Corgi Style. I knew there was a reason why I love the Japanese! Its on my bucket list of countries to visit.

Last full day with My foster girl Emma. Ada was such a wonderful foster sister. Helped her how to be a dog and enjoy life.

starchildmojo asked: There are a lot of nice sport Dobe litters on the ground right now. Most I think are spoken for. Last I heard Julie Stade from BJF Dobermans had a very high drive handful of a male still available from her Eiko/Dare litter. I would definitely recommend that breeding for performance! You could contact Vom Landgraf Dobes. Wendy's Eiko is a super nice male and I know she has been breeding a bit lately. Also, my friend Teri was supposed to be breeding her really nice bitch to Eiko in May...

Would you feel comfortable letting me use your name as a referral for Catabwa? I know we are just social media acquaintances why I wanted to ask. Going to shoot them a email.

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My new ig series: How to Draw…
A Corgi ;P


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starchildmojo asked: I'm sure Julie would sell out of state. She breeds VERY rarely but may be repeating this Dare/Eiko breeding in a few years. None of mine are from BJF although Jinn's sire was a BJF dog. So she's half BJF lines. Definitely look into Catawba as well, she is much closer to you and has produced some really nice working dogs as well. My Luxx's sire was a Catawba male. Good luck with your searching. :) What is your time frame?

I’m looking at the earliest in fall 2015 that should give me plenty of time to get my financial situation straight and save up for a puppy and a emergency vet fund.

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Anonymous asked: What type of rat cage do you own?

Its a double ferret nation cage.

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Corgi Head tilts are irresistible!

My mom got a new lens for her camera so she will be bugging me more to practice modeling. She needs to be more creative than just in the backyard. :P

My howling face :O

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